Product Recall: Owners of XCity, MidCity and eCity models purchased after July 2018 please read about a potential safety issue with the seat post M5 bolts. Read More

Product Recall


Dear Smartmotion Owners of XCity, MidCity and eCity models purchased after July 2018

We have been made aware that there is a potential safety issue with the seat post M5 bolts (2) on an unknown batch size of Smartmotion bikes. Both (2) of these M5 bolts are shearing off under fatigue, causing the saddle to buckle under the rider’s weight. The products affected are all Generation Four e-City, X-City and Mid-City models to date which began to be available from mid- 2018. Please review the attached photos for identification of the bolts and clarification. There are two colours of the original seat post bolt (silver and black) which we are electing to replace.

The reason for the failure could be under / over tightening at factory or final assembly, or material quality. While we have not yet been able to ascertain a confirmation of which of these reasons is causing the failure, or the size of the batch(es) affected, we are taking the safest course of action by sending out replacements for all bikes sold.

The new bolts are a locally-sourced product. They are high-tensile 12.9mm. M5  zinc plated steel cap screws as opposed to stainless steel, offering superior strength and durability. The bolts have been tested for compatibility with the seat post and fit well.

The seat post, made by a reputable mass-manufacturer (HL), has rated the bolt torque recommendation to 9 – 10 Nm. When your workshop installs the bolts, please make sure that a torque wrench is used to ensure that the bolts are tightened to the recommended Nm range. Our stipulation is that the new bolts should be installed by a cycle mechanic, to avoid further issues with installation. For this reason, we will not be shipping the bolts directly to owners of affected models.

Please contact your retailer/Cycle Shop without delay to arrange a time to swap the bolts for the above replacements. There will be no charge for this service.